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Muzaic is an application that creates music with you

This is made possible by behavior observation and body parameters tracking.

Muzaic always creates with you different and endless music, tailored to your needs. It will help you concentrate, calm down or relax. The app can adjust the music by learning about you and measuring your body parameters such as movement, breathing, pulse. All this is possible because the application combines scientific, musical, and technological knowledge. Here you will find a lot of evidence for the effectiveness of our concept.

If you are looking for a music app for:

– yoga

– the practice of mindfulness

– meditation

– exercises

– better sleeping

– stress reduction

– better focus and efficiency

– working and studying

– relaxation

– reading

– playing board games

Music is a perfect solution for you. This new source of music in your life can accompany each of your daily activities.

Muzaic will use multiple data sources to best match the music to you and your current needs. At first, it will connect to the data already available on your smartphone. Next, it will take advantage of the wearables you already have. Finally, it will analyze your interactions with the application. Of course, everything is only with your consent!

No, it does not. Our whole concept is to generate music in real-time. All audio material is created by artists specifically for the application. What’s more, thanks to our technology, you’ll never hear the same fragment twice!

Of course! There is still some time until the premiere of the application, but now you can check the high quality of music composed by Muzaic on our YouTube channel.

Potrzebujemy Cię! Twórz z nami Muzaic.

Potrzebujemy Cię! Twórz z nami Muzaic.

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The world of music in numbers. Our research shows that:

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Choose your goal: relaxation, concentration, work, better sleep or much more. Read our Knowledge Base.

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What do our users say about us?

Read the opinions of people who have already listened to Muzaic and used it during their daily activities

I love technological innovations that make my life easier. The functionality of the application is a very fresh idea, I will certainly use it to increase my efficiency at work and to have more fun with my passions.
works in a start-up
Music is a very important part of my meditation and relaxation. What I like the most about Muzaic is its personalization. App ‘listens to’ my needs and mood - it is extremely important when you want to be with yourself and feel your emotions.
practices meditation
The solution proposed by the Muzaic application may be an excellent alternative in treating the effects of stress and insomnia, which will improve the quality of life of many people. I look forward to the time we turn pills into music.
business consultant
I am excited about the concept of connecting music to my emotions during my next RPG session. The music follows my pulse and my breath. Wow!
designs business

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