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Muzaic app. A new source of music in your life

Can you imagine your body and emotions composing music – every time different, but always corresponding to your „here and now”? Soon it will be possible because the Muzaic app is being created – an innovative solution made in Poland.

How does the Muzaic app work?

The Muzaic app is built on a proprietary AI algorithm that works with you to compose music in real-time. That’s why music is perfectly tailored to your needs and activity. It will learn you and measure your body parameters such as breathing, pulse, or movement. The algorithm will use multiple sources to best match the musical mood to what you are currently doing. It will also match your character and musical tastes.

How will it work in practice? The Muzaic app will connect to data already available on your smartphone. It will then make use of the wearables you already have. In addition, it will analyze your interactions with the app. Of course, only with your permission.

Knowledge, art and technology

While developing the application, we always try to combine medical knowledge (support of psychologists, neurologists), art (music themes created and recorded by professional musicians), and modern IT solutions (proprietary AI algorithm).

Muzaic app
Music themes of Muzaic app

Music composed by Muzaic app

What is important, Muzaic does not use ready-made songs. Our whole idea is based on real-time music generation, and the sound is created by artists specifically for the app. Thanks to the technology used, you will never hear the same piece of music twice.

There’s still some time left until the app’s release, but you can check out Muzaic’s high-quality tracks now. Visit us on our YouTube channel.

When can you listen to Muzaic?

  • When you want to relax and lower your stress and tension levels.
  • If you want to be more focused and efficient in your work and study.
  • During meditation and yoga practice, whenever you want to calm down and go within yourself.
  • When you have difficulty falling asleep or poor sleep quality.
  • If you want to get more pleasure from your passions and, for example, compose your soundtrack for your favorite game or book.

As you can see, Muzaic was designed to accompany you throughout the day. It’s designed to support you in your quest for a healthier life, more efficient performance, and greater well-being. The infinite possibilities of music with excellent sound quality and personalization based on biofeedback make the solution flexible and fresh. It is only up to you when you turn your inner voice into sounds.

In addition, you will be able to save and play back each Muzaica session at any time, and share your music with loved ones or friends. You send your music instead of other people’s songs, you share your emotions turned into sounds. Sounds great, right?

Music therapy with the Muzaic app

Music therapy is a recognized method of treating physical and mental health problems, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by research. We dream that soon everyone can have access to a source of music that soothes and prevents the negative effects of chronic stress, insomnia, depression, or progressive dementia. Music that improves the quality of our daily lives and makes us feel happier.


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